MetDaan Announces The Acquisition Of Kosip Media


MetDaan is excited to announce the acquisition of Kosip Media, an expansion that brings a growing business in the publishing sector. This acquisition demonstrates MetDaan’s aspiration to further enrich its content creation and distribution, by increasing its video production capacities and distributing channels:

As a digital publisher, MetDaan operates since 2015 and until now has 40 channels under its umbrella, with over 200 million followers, generating 5 billion monthly views on average. One of MetDaan’s strongest pillars is that it also serves as a strategic partner to Influencers who are looking to supercharge their growth on-and-off social media. This acquisition will have a major contribution to MetDaan by adding 20 million more followers and a creative production team to its community.

“With this acquisition, MetDaan can more effectively and efficiently provide content that is more diverse, reaching and entertaining new audiences. MetDaan and Kosip Media have come together to bring richer content to these communities” explains Arben Berisha, CEO of MetDaan.

Kosip Media is a Slovenian-based digital publishing company, building communities from different fields of interest by helping brands and creators create, distribute and monetize their content and not only.

“I am happy about this acquisition, knowing that it will produce amazing synergy for us, combining our strengths, and enabling us to grow and reinforce MetDaan’s position in the industry,” commented Ismajl Pnishi, Managing Director of Kosip.

MetDaan and Kosip Media both share a passion for creating and distributing content, with an impressive experience in digital marketing and social media. We are beyond excited to welcome the Kosip Media team to our family.